we are the little white photo booth!!!

The best Photo Booth in the known Universe!!!

Our Philosophy

We don’t like the ordinary, we don’t like to make do with the norm, the everyday, the run-of-the-mill. The Little White Photo Booth has been perfected by photographers who spent thousands of years (this may be an over exaggeration!) to make sure the little fairies inside the booth are printing the best pictures you will have seen from a photo booth, just take a look at the pictures if you don’t believe us.

Not only is The Little White Photo Booth awesome! We are also awesome! Yes that’s right, us! We look after every event with care and attention as if it were our own. Our Booth attendants are there to make sure everyone gets to know our little booth like their best friend. We will make sure you have fun and your party is kick ass!

If you want to ask us anything we’d love to hear from you, you can give us a shout here, or if you aren’t yet convinced that we really are the most awesome photo booth service in the known universe, here are some of the usual questions that might help.

Print designs

As photographers we know a thing or two about design. For your prints we can customise and design something beautiful, there are no limits to what we can do. We have designed plain & minimalist, retro & funky, bright and loud, we can do anything. Give us a brief of your theme and we will either come up with something for you or can can suggest what you would like. Of course, including your names and or dates, can be done


Cheesy is fun, everyone like a helping of cheese when the time and place is right! As well as some silly props, we spend even more time looking for something a bit more imaginative and stylish, we have the best props you can find. Vintage cameras, vintage telephones, floral crowns, a Flamingo, and more. Planning a themed event? Let us know and we can help you source something to match.


We have our favourite backdrops but we also have a range to choose from. You can choose one of our backdrops to suit your event. We have black & white designs, coloured designs, we have textures to suit a themed event like a Wood Cabin look or Urban Jungle. Let us know what your theme is and if we don’t have a backdrop to suit we can see if we can come up with something.If you have your own backdrop plan we have plain colours, we can help you add your own features to the plain backdrop to create something extra unique. Your venue might have a crazy interior wall, there is no reason why we can’t set up to make use of it.

Now you know how good we are, the next step is to say hi......

Holler Us!!